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NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE – (Kindle, Kindle App for Tablet, Print)

With ex-girlfriend Madison Marx in the wind, Donte Welsh and his new fiancé, renowned architect, London Nevalla, are overjoyed as they prepare for the arrival of Donte’s 2nd child.

But when Madison resurfaces, London is left with suspicions that her soon-to-be husband’s first son, DJ, may not actually be his own.

Eager to unearth the truth, tragedy strikes leaving London desperately fighting for her life. When Donte recognizes that her fate was no accident, he sets out to find answers.

With no one to trust and Madison’s sudden interest in DJ, Donte agrees to allow her visitation. But a few missteps, revelations, and a phone call that his son is in danger, Donte soon realizes that the people closest to him aren’t who they appear to be.




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